The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair 1Each stage and every aspect of a child’s development can be positively affected by a dynamic Acting Camp or Class. The benefits of Acting Camp or Classes are many and varied: Moving with ease, speaking up and out, the ability to relate to others, the ability to feel comfortable in one’s own skin…and many more!

But what of the bookworm, the sports girl or guy, the math head or the social butterfly? Do acting camps or classes have anything to offer these “non-dramatic” types? Well…yes, they do!

Acting is, after all, about communicating messages, both subtle and broad. By learning the tricks of good communication, through acting games and exercises, one acquires not only stage skills, but invaluable life skills that can serve one in friendships, school and, later, in work.

As a rule, good communicators tend to travel the path of life with more clarity and less strife. However, recent studies suggest that young people, absorbed in the current technological wonderment our brave new world offers, may be at risk of emotional detachment by living too fully in cyber space. Connections that are made through the quick “click” of a computer mouse are not the same as looking into the eyes of another and truly communicating. Acting Camp or Classes can bridge that societal disconnect very quickly, and with great fun!

Acting Camp or Class will get participants really “clicking” through dynamic Theater Games, as well as rehearsal. Theatre Games are designed to engage participants both physically, mentally and emotionally. By their very nature, they inspire a creative, imaginational renaissance which counteracts the disempowerment that can result from too much reliance on television, computer, ipod, etcetera.

While there is nothing wrong–and much that is right!– with these wonderful technological toys, they tend to encourage viewing, rather than doing.

Contrast the passivity and isolation of computer or tv watching, to the playful interactions of a roomful of kids who are engaged and joyous. Deeply involved in the “mirror game” or “passing energy game,” their attention is riveted in anticipation to each nuance of the game. They are discovering the power of their own creativity and the camaraderie of sharing it with others…truly a beautiful thing to behold!

The effects of these games are profound and far-reaching. They build courage, confidence and creativity, as well as spontaneity and focus.

Acting is the celebration of humanity. Perhaps your child, or children, would enjoy the sheer joy that can Acting Camp can provide!

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