The Golf Academy at Basking Ridge 1The Golf Academy at Basking Ridge is open to the public and offers junior and adult clinics, junior summer camp programs, and private lessons from our PGA professional staff.

Program focuses on improving student’s fundamental movement skills(FMS), and the skill acquisition of locomotion, stability, balance, object control and spacial awareness. Agility, quickness and change of direction drills are practiced to enhance student’s athleticism. Golf concepts like grip, posture, alignment, ball position and weight shift are introduced. Rules, safety and course etiquette are explained through games that simulate golf but keep it fun. Other sports and games are played and taught to enhance long term athletic development. No prior experience necessary, clubs are provided but students may bring their own.

185 Madisonville Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 phone 908-766-8200 Fax: 908-953-8097

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