Jersey Shore Skim Camp 1Three years ago, local skimboarder Sean Stratton returned home from a day of skimboarding on the Sea Bright beach and told his mother, “little kids came up to me all day asking for pointers and lessons. It was fun to teach them.”

For Sean, that was just a throw-away comment. For his mom Felecia, it was the genesis of a new business idea.

After doing some research, Felecia discovered no other company in the local area offered skimboarding lessons, yet there is a huge demand for it as the sport continues to grow in popularity. So she took the plunge and started Jersey Shore Skim Camp.

The camp is based on a love of skimboarding. “Jersey Shore Skim Camp is not only about teaching children how to skimboard; it’s also about giving back to the sport that my son and our instructors are so passionate about,” Stratton says. “It is so gratifying for our instructors to teach young skimboarders the basics, and watch them gain confidence as they master their skills.”

The camp is not just for children or beginners. Many teens and adults take private or group lessons and many experienced skimboarders attend to advance their skills or learn new tricks.

“Your age or skill level does not matter,” Stratton notes. “Jersey Shore Skim Camp instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, and work with each skimboarder patiently, to help them achieve their goals.”

All instructors are local skimboarders, and have at least five years of professional skimboarding experience. Many are sponsored by major skimboard manufacturers such as Victoria Skimboards.

Jersey Shore Skim Camp offers a variety of options to meet every skimboarder’s needs. Mini-camp sessions take place four mornings a week, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., on the Sea Bright Municipal Beach. For those who prefer a more individualized approach, private and group lessons can be reserved at any time. Camp begins on June 27 and runs through Labor Day.

The camp also offers skimboarding birthday parties, and provides lessons to local day camps and beach clubs. In addition, skimboard sales are available at discounted rates.

The summer season kicks off with Skimbash 2011, the annual skimboarding competition sponsored by Jersey Shore Skim Camp and presented by Skim City. The contest takes place June 25-26 on the Sea Bright Beach. For details on the contest:

For more information on Jersey Shore Skim Camp, visit; email: or call 732-598-6029.

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