Fun Bus 1Are you ready to have the party that everyone is talking about? Treat your child to a day they will remember forever! One of our unique and specially designed buses will pull up right in front of your house for Fun for everyone.

The Fun Bus is perfect for all occasions including birthday parties, graduations, girls/boys scouts, play-dates, picnics and barbecues. A Fun Bus birthday party is 1 hour in length (more time can be purchased) and is appropriate for ages 2-7.

Don’t forget, the Fun takes place at your homeā€¦not in your home! You can have as many children as you like. If needed we can break them up in groups depending on attendance.

Everything takes place right on the bus and it NEVER moves while the children are on it.It is a dual air-conditioned and heated bus which runs all year-round and that is guaranteed to bring the FUN right to you! We can park wherever; a driveway, a parking lot, school, or a safe spot on the street.

The Fun Bus is a full sized school bus whose seats have all been removed and walls and floor carpeted and padded. The Fun Bus philosophy is to enhance learning going on inside the classroom and home, using a hands-on approach to

FITNESS and making it FUN!


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