Brushes and Bisque

Brushes and Bisque 1A unique fun idea for family, friends or couples in NJ .Brushes and Bisque is a place where families spend quality time together, friends casually gather, couples find romance, and most importantly, people come to relax.

Take a deep breath as you walk into our cozy studio, feel yourself begin to unwind and become . . . inspired. Our atmosphere can stimulate even those who consider themselves “unartistic”!! The studio is located in beautiful Downtown Denville & is operated by sisters Cherilyn Saft & Farah Merkle who are always there to make your experience exceptional!

Pottery Wheel Classes in NJ, Kids Camp, Birthday Parties and more!There are at least 300 pieces of bisque, or unfinished ceramics, in all shapes and sizes & 100 colors of paint! You can make a mug, your own dinner plate, a jewelry box, figurine and just about anything else you can imagine for yourself, your home or a special occasion! A really cool way to spend time on a rainy day….or just a relaxing afternoon! See our website for Pottery Wheel Classes, Kids Camp, Birthday Parties & much much more!!

Brushes and Bisque ,Northern/Central NJ 45 Broadway Denville, NJ 973-627-6292

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