Rizzo’s Reptiles Reptile Parties!

Rizzo's Reptiles Reptile Parties! 1Our Reptile shows are fun for the whole family. We are able to give your child the STAR treatment so that it will be a day to remember for a life time. We take the children on a journey through the animal kingdom and teach them ways in which reptiles defend themselves and survive in the wild. Making the experience exciting and fun for everyone involved at the birthday party. Learn new, interesting, and amazing things about reptiles such as camouflage, special abilities, what types of reptiles are the best pets, and more. All this while laughing and having FUN!

Our mission at Rizzos Reptiles is to bring people together to appreciate and learn about our natural world through reptile and live animal presentations. We have many different reptile shows and wildlife programs that teach students of all ages about the preservation of nature- not only seeing with their own eyes but also with their sense of touch. We believe the love of wildlife is universal and hands on participation is the greatest teacher. Rizzo’s Reptiles strives to teach everyone about the wonder and joy that nature has to offer.

When you request a reptile show we bring lizards, snakes, frogs, turtles, and insects to a location of your choice! Rizzo’s Reptiles can tailor your program to include reptiles from around the world or we can bring it close to home with native NJ reptiles. Visit our photo gallery to see some of the stars that you could meet when you book a reptile birthday party, show or program in New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania.

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