Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey

Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey was founded in 1972, the Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey is dedicated to the preservation of the Garden State’s distinguished, two-century aviation and space heritage.

The men and women, whose outstanding aeronautical achievements have brought worldwide recognition to the state, are enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

The museum offers visitors an opportunity to view historic aircraft, air and space artifacts, photographs, fine art and an extensive model collection.

The Library has more than 2500 volumes and hundreds of aviation videotapes.

We receive valuable support from the Port Authority of NY and NJ in helping us maintain our museum’s operation.

2012 Open Cockpit Day dates: March 31st, May 5th, July 28th, September 8th, November 3rd

Please call the museum for further information.

Salute to Veterans November 2012

Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey
400 Fred Wehran Drive
Teterboro , New Jersey 07608
Tel: 201-288-6344

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